OptiPort Features # 5

Minimising Vessel Delays

OptiPort, the first dispatch tool for nautical service providers, using Artificial Intelligence, is fully data driven. Its data and the artificial intelligence models are applied to dynamically calculate if the start time of a job is still feasible or not.

There are a lot of ways to avoid delaying a vessel from departing or arriving, the only way to really justify a delay is simply because a lack of proper equipment to do the job. Before getting there, OptiPort checks if there are no other cost-effective solutions to avoid this delay, as there are more variables to play with in a real-life environment.

Speeding up mobilizing tugs is one of them, or mobilizing a tug from a remote location is another one. However, all of these alternatives have their effect on operational cost, as speeding increases fuel burn and sailing from remote locations even at eco speed will also have its impact on operational cost.

OptiPort has the functionality to make a deliberate decision between delaying a vessel at a certain virtual cost, versus sailing at high speed to try to be able at a job on time. OptiPort also has the possibility to have “priority vessels”, this functionality is very useful when certain types of vessels (like tidal restricted vessels) can under no circumstances be delayed. In such events OptiPort will always select the preferred vessel over a vessel which is not prioritized

OptiPort helps to optimally use the available tugs in a fleet. However, it can always happen that supply exceeds demand. In such cases OptiPort will notify the dispatcher with the expected delay on the next job. This allows the dispatcher to take the necessary measures to either limit the delay or notify the vessel agent/captain/pilot that they will be served at a slightly later moment.

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