OptiPort Features # 2

Forecasting the Duration of Jobs and (de)mobilization

OptiPort, the first dispatch tool for nautical service providers, using Artificial Intelligence, is fully data driven. Its data and the artificial intelligence models are applied to calculate the best possible job duration forecast for a specific voyage.

With OptiPort’s dynamic pickup/drop off locations, the application knows exactly what route to be sailed and perfectly estimates the duration of that job. This estimation is based on a large number of variables, like vessel type, dimensions, berth, vessel orientation at berth and weather influences. As OptiPort will never underestimate the role of the human planner, he or she will always have the possibility to overrule the dispatch advice given by OptiPort by simply extending or shortening the specific job or assign the job to another tug when needed.

The result is a fact based job duration forecast per individual tug with an accuracy of 97% of the jobs in a 15 minute time window. This accuracy is an excellent starting point for a detailed, crisp and tight schedule whereby tugs are being deployed in the most optimal way, reducing human failure and improving your competitive position.

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